Accepted Publications

The Bull of Wall Street: Experimental Analysis of Testosterone and Asset Trading with Peiran Jiao, Cameron Johnson, Veronika Alexander, and Paul Zak.
Management Science  September 2017 (open access provided, click “PDF” to download for free)

Single dose testosterone administration impairs cognitive reflection in men with Gideon Nave, David Zava, and Colin Camerer. Psychological Science (forthcoming)

Research Gate

Book Chapters

Using Brains To Create Trust: A Manager’s Toolbox with Paul Zak
Neuroeconomics and The Firm, pp. 69-78 ms. pages Chapter 4. Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, MA, USA ISBN 1848444400


Hormones & Economic Decision Making with Paul Zak.
Studies in Neuroscience, Psychology & Behavioral Economics, 2016


Projects in Progress

Testosterone and Status with Gidi Nave, Colin Camerer, Hilke Plassmann, & David Dubois

Biological factors of time-varying risk aversion with Cary Frydman and Alessandro Previtero

Pension Fund Participation with Steve Foerster

Retail Traders’ performance and economic preferences with George Athanassakos &  Terry Odean

Teaching cases in progress

Behavioural Finance Note with Steve Foerster and Michael Lay

New Balance, GrubHub, and Pepsi: The Politicization of Business with Neil Bendle

Wealthsimple with Vedant Suri

Holos Capital Management with Richard Peterson

Western Pension Plan: Overcoming Behavioural Biases to Increase Enrollment with Steve Foerster and Michael Lay



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