Growing up, Amos played baseball, football, soccer, basketball, skateboarded, snowboarded, and competed in spring-board diving. After a single practice with the cross-country team, he decided that short distances were much more fun.

From building tree forts to making bike jumps in the Carmel forest, Amos was always doing something fun and at least somewhat dangerous.

After college, he trained in Korean martial arts and some mixed martial arts.

In 2011, Amos competed in his first triathlon in San Dimas, California, completing the race in the top third of his age group and learning the hard way about the differences between swimming in a heated pool and a competing with hundreds of other people in a frozen lake.

He pitched for the Claremont Flames in graduate school, as well as playing basketball on CGU intramural teams. He’s currently playing for the FCCSC’s Alley Oops on Tuesday nights and hockey tryouts are pending…